Using Bath bombs for more than showering

Bath bombs can be the perfect gift for anyone. Imagine relaxing in a long, warm bath with bubbles surrounding you. However, what do you do if you don't have a bathtub? As it is in many urban areas, bathtubs are quickly being replaced with walk-in showers to save space. Can you use bath bombs in the shower, though?

In such a case, you might think that buying a soap bomb without a bathtub would be a waste. But that's not the case. You can still enjoy the many wonderful bath bombs even if you don't have a bathtub. Here's a complete guide on what all you can use bath bombs for apart from showering.

Can you use bath bombs in the shower?

It might surprise you to learn that you can actually use bath bombs in the shower as well, along with many other uses.

Use it as a room freshener.

If you don't have a bathtub, you can place the bath bomb in a small mesh bag and hang it from the showerhead as a room freshener. Your bathroom will keep on smelling fantastic. In fact, you don't need to just put these bags on the showerhead. You can put a piece of the bath bomb in a mesh drawstring bag and place it in a drawer as well to keep your drawers smelling amazing.

Using it as a deodorizer

Apart from using it as a room freshener, here are some tips on transforming a bath bomb into a deodorizer:

  • To make your carpet smell fresh and fabulous, crush and sprinkle uncolored or light-colored bath bombs on the carpet before you run the vacuum. When you run the vacuum, the bath bombs will get rubbed into the carpet and rugs and keep it smelling fantastic for a few days.

  • To keep your shoes smelling fresh, cut a bath bomb into smaller pieces and put a piece in each shoe to deodorize them.

  • A bath bomb can also be used as a deodorizer spray. Dissolve a small part of a bath bomb in some water and fill up a spray bottle with this mixture. This can work both as an air and fabric refresher or even as a deodorizing spray.

  • To keep your clothes smelling nice, put some pieces of a bath bomb in a mesh drawstring bag and hang the bag in your closet. Your clothes will keep on smelling amazing.

Create Foot Baths

You can also use bath bombs to create foot baths. You can even cut up a large bath bomb into pieces and try out both the options of using it as a deodorizer and in a foot bath. For a foot bath, you can fill up a basin with lukewarm water and let the bath bomb dissolve in the basin, then soak your feet to enjoy a relaxing foot spa.

Take a Bath Bomb Fizzling Shower.

You can even place the bath bomb on the floor of the shower and let it dissolve as you shower. You can hear the bath bomb fizz and pop as you shower, enjoy the wonderful fragrance, and also watch the beautiful colors swirling on the floor with the water.

However, if there are a lot of embellishments in your bath bomb, like confetti or glitter, that might clog the drain, consider putting it in a mesh bag to prevent the embellishments from going down the drain.

Use it as a body wash.

And if you are still thinking of more ways in which you can use bath bombs in the shower, then consider dissolving a bath bomb in a container to use it as a body wash. You will get to enjoy the fizziness, pop, and aroma of the bath bomb as it melts into your loofah or washcloth.

Display them as a showpiece.

If you have some gorgeous bath bombs that look really great, consider placing them in a glass bowl and putting them on a table in some corner of your living room or bedroom. Not only does this look beautiful, but your room will continue to smell like a mix of flowers and fruits every day.

Scent up your entire home

A great idea to use a bath bomb outside of the shower is to create a vapor bomb to fill up your entire home with the smell of your favorite bath bomb. To make a vapor bomb, take a large pot and fill it with water. Put the pot on the stove and bring it to a boil.

Lower the heat all the way and drop a bath bomb in it. The stove setting should be such that the water is no longer boiling but continues to steam. The wonderfully scented vapor will fill up and scent your entire house.

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