Tips to help homemade soap last longer

Did you just make a batch of homemade soap bars, but not sure how to store it properly? You definitely want your homemade soap bar to last long just like any other soap maker!

There are different methods to store homemade soap bars so that it feels fresh every time you use them!

It is usually observed that a homemade soap bar can last long when it is kept in a cool, dry place. Other than that, there are some other tips and tricks as well that can help you store your soap bar for prolonged shelf life.

In this article, we’ve covered the major fundamentals of storing a soap bar. Read below and find some tips and hacks on how to store your homemade soap bar!

How to Store Soap Bar?

Below mentioned are some essential tips and hacks that you can follow to give your soap a longer shelf life than expected. Let’s have a look!

1. Wrap it in an airtight Container

If you want to keep your finished soap from drying out, you can store it in an airtight container. The airtight container made from silica is preferably the best choice that will keep your soap fresh.

You need to ensure that you are not simply keeping your homemade soap bar just like that in the container. You have to wrap it up properly, which means giving it a better seal. It will help in increasing the shelf life of your soap bar and also prevent access to moisture (which can lead to mold growth).

Ps – Your soap bars need special attention during humid weather. Just make sure you check your soap bars quite often to prevent them from oxidation, etc.

2. Keep it away from Direct Sunlight

You need to keep your soap bar away from the direct sunlight as it can become dry. Hot temperatures and other heat sources can cause your homemade soap to become dry, which means you cannot keep it for a long duration.

Moreover, if your soap bars are exposed for too long, then it will fasten the degradation process of your bars over time. Heat can affect the product of saponification and you’ll be needing more additives like fragrances and essential oils in it to keep it fresh for a long time.

Therefore, when you’re thinking about storing your homemade soap bars, just make sure you are keeping them away from direct sunlight and other heat sources.

3. Keep it in a cool, dry place

Are you wondering how to store soap bars for longer shelf life ? Well, the trick is to keep it in a cool, dry place. When you put your homemade soap bars in a cool and dry place, you’ll prevent them from becoming sticky and sweaty.

In case you are currently storing your soap bars in a room where temperature levels are a little high and causing humidity, then it can cause several problems. Your soap bars will degrade very quickly and chances are even mold growth will sit out too long before being used up.

Hence, the farther your soap bar is from humidity and water, the longer it will last.

4. Avoid places like Kitchen to store soap bars

Thinking about keeping your fresh and cool homemade soap bars in the kitchen? Nah! Not a great idea!

If you have crafted homemade scented soap bars, then you need to ensure that you keep them away from smells like onion, garlic, or other strong smells. It will produce strong smells and can permeate over time. Therefore, avoid keeping your scented homemade bars from places like the kitchen or where there’s the presence of a strong smell.

5. Keep tiny bits in a soap bag

So, you have made this homemade soap bar and it is almost being used. However, now it looks like a flat surface and you really don’t know how to store those tiny pieces to use them next time you take a bath. Well, for that, it is a great idea to store them in a soap saving pouch or a bag!

Keeping those tiny, tricky pieces of soap is a real struggle because they get washed away so easily. Thus, a soap-saving pouch bag to store your homemade bars is a perfect trick.

Alternatively, you can make them into a liquid soap in case you think they aren’t in use anymore for bathing purposes. Don’t let go of those tiny pieces of your homemade soap bar like this!

6. Consider the Ingredients

When you are crafting your homemade soap bars, you need to consider the ingredients of every soap. Taking out a few seconds and figuring out what all ingredients can make the product last longer will make it worth your efforts.

Do proper research work regarding the ingredients you can use to increase the shelf life of homemade soap bars. It is usually perceived that soaps made out of fats and harder oils last longer than soaps made out of liquid oils. Of course, for scented ones, you’ll be using liquid oils and fragrances. Otherwise, you can use harder oils and make them last longer.

7. Open Shelf Works fine too

If you are planning to keep your homemade soap bars on an open shelf or a bookshelf with coated stainless steel wire, then go for it. We recommend open shelves and bookshelves when they are designed with coated stainless steel as it prevents soap oxidation. It is an ideal place to keep your soap bars, which will allow plenty of air movement as well.

In case you are worried about dust, then just place a lightweight, mesh fabric over your soap bars and you are good to go!


The shelf life of a homemade soap bar is usually about 6 to 12 months. The reason is the ingredients we use i.e., fewer synthetic chemicals and high-quality ingredients goes into the making of homemade soap bars. If you are not storing them properly, you will see the adverse effects and then they become unsafe to use.

Know the right hacks as mentioned above for storing your homemade soap bars. If you are interested in buying handcrafted soap bars, you can check out Yansa Garden as they are into selling 100% handmade, artisan soap bars. Their handcrafted soap collection is also perfect for gift ideas and much more!

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